Our Mission: Training U.S. teachers to be culturally sensitive to enable the
successful education of Latinos in the USA and Latin America.

Dynamic evidence-based comprehensive guide for English speakers teaching Spanish speakers - a MUST READ for every U.S. teacher or corporate trainer.

Contains years of Dr. Mackenzie's research compared to 200+ other researchers. Presents how heritage affects Latino's lives and how they learn from U.S. Teachers. A compelling and informative work for U.S. Teachers that allows greater understanding of the difficulties facing educators, not just those who teach Latino children; but those who work with any multicultural background.

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."     -- Ignacio Estrada



Emily Scanlan posted on our Facebok page:
"Jacquie, Thank you so much for your love and support while I have been in GTO. You made such an impact on my trip, my experience and my future career in education. :) Hope to see you again in Tucson fellow wildcat!"

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Our Mexico

Here is your chance to learn how to understand and be tolerant of cultural, ability and disability differences through Spanish Immersion Education. Programs in rural Central Guanajuato, Mexico. Study as a part of University of Arizona "Study Abroad Program" in the summer or custom design your own college credit or volunteer program anytime.

We welcome independent civic-minded people who have a serious interest in the Spanish speaking population and do not require personal accommodations equal to US hotels. The education of marginalized Mexicans is our focus. This is the real Mexico, not the ads you see on TV.

Come to learn, volunteer, or mentor. You will be respected by poor children, appreciated by their parents, and you'll love our place. If you expect cruise-ship luxury, you will be very disappointed. As a nonprofit we do not have the resources to offer exceptional visitor services, but we are great cooks and love outstanding conversations with like-minded people at the end of our day's volunteer work!


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